Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Virginia Woolf and the Principle of Larger Screws

Working again on the assumption that larger screws are the repairer's friend, I notice that the numbered and notched bar that holds the bell on the back, and which seems to stand between myself and the mainspring (if that's what it's called), boasts a pair of screws that are invitingly large and relatively easy to access. 

So, here goes...

First screw removed and replaced into hole for safe-keeping (see, I have been paying attention) and now for the other side...

Two screws! One smaller than the other... I think I'll leave this side attached and try to lift the bar out of the way.

Lifting the bar out of the way leaves a clear view of what I guess to be the mainspring access, and an even bigger screw!

If my theory of screw size and intention for easy removal of component is correct...

Inserting the screwdriver into the screw and turning clockwise seems to rotate the whole barrel and... What was that? Was that the 'sproing' of a re-tightening spring? 

I pause a moment to reflect that the last time I made a typwriter go 'sproing' the space-bar stopped working.

However, it does appear that the drawstring does not look as slack as it did before. I wonder...

And now it would appear that the drawstring has come off. 

That's not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

I reattach the string and continue winding. Something is happening, but I can't tell what. I know it's a clockwork spring and remember breaking enough as a child to understand that there is a fine line between adding tension and snapping metal. I wonder if I'll recognise it today?

There's definitely some kick left in the old spring. I think it should wind to a certain point and just catch on something. 

Unless it needs to be wound anti-clockwise to increase the tension??


And now, I've bent the loop that holds the carriage strap to the spring barrel. [Sigh again.]

So what did I learn today?

- Green is not a colour you want to see on an antique black typewriter
- Bent strap holders can be re-straightened with the back end of a screwdriver and some very gentle tapping. 
- The hypothesis of screw sizing has not yet been disproved
- not all 'sproing' sounds are bad (hopefully) 
- I don't really know what to do next. 

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